Unisonic – Light of Dawn (2014)

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Man. I thought the first one was good. Light of Dawn sounds like what Helloween might sound like in 2014 if Kiske and Kai were still in the band and that ain’t a bad thing, let me tell you. After a typically short instrumental wastes my time (YAY POWER METALS) Your Time Has Come kicks in and holy fucktits it sounds like a Keepers of the Seven Keys track. I’m talkin Parts 1 and 2 bitches. This awesomely nostalgic sound continues on through with Exceptional, For the Kingdom, and Not Gonna Take Anymore. Eat my tits if these first 4 songs aren’t the catchiest goddamn songs I’ve ever heard (they’re not but just go with it). Not Gonna Take Anymore gives me metal wood.

Things take a tiny dive after these songs. The album goes from more Power Metal to a kind of 80’s Hard Rock/AOR sound. Which makes sense I guess, there are members of Place Vendome and Gotthard in this band after-all. Night of the Long Knives is one of the better songs using this sound. It’s followed by Find Shelter which has grown on me but is probably the second worst song on the album and by probably I mean that it is. When the Deed Is Done is the best song on the album that falls outside of Power Metal for me. So good. So catchy. Fuck you if you don’t like it, alright? Power Metal does come back into the fold for a few minutes on track 10, Throne of the Dawn. It’s good stuff. Like it, or don’t, what do I care?

So this album rules. There are even 2 ballads here. Blood and You and I and fuck it, I like em. You and I is cheesy as hell. It’s great though, it makes me feel things. So listen to it already. Listen to the whole damn thing, quit being an asshole.

Oh, I almost forgot, the worst song. Manhunter. Fuck that shit. That song fucking sucks.

Score – 88%

Best Songs: Your Time Has Come, Exceptional, For the Kingdom, Not Gonna Take Anymore, When the Deed is Done, Throne of the Dawn, and You and I

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